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How to Take Off an Earring With a Safety Back

Earrings with safety backs are one of the most durable and popular types of earring backs. They feature a rounded back and a locking clutch design that helps keep earrings in place and prevent them from falling off. If you have these earrings, you’ll want to know how to remove them safely. The backs can get stuck or become damaged if they are not cleaned properly. You should not try to remove these earring backs by force, but rather by using a gentle tugging method.

To remove an earring with a safety back, first wash your hands with soap and water. You should also dry your hands. Then, grip the earlobe with one hand and hold the earring stud with the other. Once you have both hands holding the earring, twist the earring clockwise until the backing comes off.

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If you cannot pull the back off, you can try using tweezers, needle-nose pliers or a straight pin. These tools will help you to gently tug the back. If you’re having difficulty with this, you can call a doctor to ask for assistance.

In addition to being one of the safest earring backs, safety back earrings are considered to be the most difficult to remove. That’s because they usually have a hinge that you have to push in order to remove them. While it is easy to do, you will need to be careful and don’t use too much force. This could cause damage to the ear.

Another method of removing the back of a safety back earring is by using a hemostat. With this tool, you must be able to see your ear clearly so that you can grip the earlobe and pull the back of the earring out. This method is not recommended for people who are prone to injury. Also, you’ll need to hold the earring post between your index finger and thumb.

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If your ear is too swollen, you should avoid attempting to remove the earring. First, you should take a warm shower or bath to help loosen up the skin. Additionally, you can rub warm salty water onto your ear with a cotton swab. Alternatively, you can also apply a solution of rubbing alcohol to the ear. However, you should be very careful with this procedure because sebum can clog the earring post and back. Therefore, you may want to call your doctor before attempting to remove the earring.

When you are attempting to remove the earring, you can also try putting petroleum jelly or baby oil on the back of the earring. This will make the earring less prickly and make removing the earring more comfortable. Be sure to rinse the ear with warm water afterwards, and pat the earlobe dry.

Finally, you can also try cleaning the earring. Do this to make sure that any hard-to-reach places are cleaned. This will ensure that your ears will smell fresh. It can also prevent infections from occurring.

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