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How to Clean a Belly Button Piercing

If you have a belly button piercing, it’s important to clean the area regularly. This is because your belly button tends to trap dirt and lint. It is important to get rid of these traces of dirt to prevent a possible infection. You can clean your belly button with a mild soap and water. Or, you can use a saline solution. However, you need to be careful not to pick at the piercing. If you do, you may be causing a re-infection.

Belly button piercing infections are uncomfortable and even dangerous. They can also be unsightly and expensive to treat. So you need to be sure you follow all of the aftercare instructions properly. Your belly button piercing will heal more quickly if you clean it frequently.

The best way to clean a belly button piercing is to soak it in a saltwater solution. The solution can be purchased at your local drugstore, or you can make your own at home. Use a small glass, a medicine cup, or a clean container to hold the sea salt. Apply the solution and then let it soak for five minutes. Once the solution has soaked in, rinse it away.

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Another method for cleaning a belly button piercing is with a cotton swab. The swab can be soaked in saline solution, or it can be dipped in the solution and held against the piercing for three minutes. When the crust has been removed, rinse the swab in clean water. After rinsing it, use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry the area.

You should also make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching your piercing. The germs on your hands can carry bacteria to your piercing. Do not pick or rub at the piercing, as this could cause further irritation and infections. To avoid this, wear loose clothing and try to reduce friction.

You can also clean your belly button with a saline solution, or a solution made of mild soap and water. Be careful not to use iodized salt, as this can slow the healing process. Also, a strong antibacterial soap can be too harsh for the sensitive skin on your piercing.

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In addition to the saline solution, you can also apply lavender oil to your piercing. Lavender has analgesic properties that relieve inflammation. Using lavender oil can also speed up the healing process. Ensure that the product you are using is medical grade.

During the first few days of a belly button piercing’s healing, it is normal for some fluid to collect in the piercing. This is a sign that your body is adjusting to the new object. Keep your belly button ring as loose as possible to minimize the amount of pressure on the piercing.

For a faster healing process, you can also try applying lavender oil to the piercing after you have cleaned it. You can apply it with a q-tip or a cotton ball. Ideally, you should use a medical grade lavender oil.

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